Composition for Medias

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Note from the jury: 

“Thomas Chabalier’s impressive and dynamic score to “Little Thing” excelled due to its effective support of drama while demonstrating high-quality musical structure and a rich harmonic language. The occasionally comedic orchestrations paid precise attention to spotting details. The jury enjoyed, in particular, the impressionistic start and the fresh sounding jazz ending. The overall excellent mock-up quality presented the sound of the instruments in interesting and variable ways.“

European Talent Competition


Red Bull Media Portfolio



Electronic Music



The Wheel of Emotions

dir Aurélien Peilloux

La Femis

A Prayer Before Dawn

French Trailer

dir. Jean Stéphane Sauvaire

Wild Bunch Productions

Lancôme génifique

feat Suzy Bae

dir Masato Riesser

Prodigious Films

Official Selection at Cannes 

Film Festival 2018

Official Selection at Cannes

Film Festival 2015

Elevated Remedies

dir. Andre Ray

Paris Film Productions

Elizabeth's Garden

dir. Chelsea Roan

Columbia College Chicago

Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal

Orchestration & Arrangement

Les Copaques Productions

#1 in South Asia box office,

april 2019



dir. Lilli Tautfest

Cologne, Germany

LSB Nierdersachen


dir. Raphael Rumpf

Cologne, Germany

Mama told me not to look

into the sun

Additional Music

dir. Lilli Tautfest

Cologne, Germany

A Journey to the CRI


Aurélien Peilloux

Centre de Recherches



dir. Ryan Mc Donough

University of Michigan

The Dejects

dir. Claudia Fuentes

The Lover from Shanghai

dir. Yingzhi Liuling

Columbia College Chicago


Dir. Lilli Tautfest

Academy of Media Arts Cologne

May Kathy

Jules Zingg

Tribudom Productions

Time to Fade

Carlos Nahuel Cerutti

Columbia College Chicago


Dir Abdullah Azizi

Columbia College Chicago

Sweet Dreams

dir. Cookie Graham

Columbia College Chicago

A Street Story

Video Game

Eric Niubo

Paris, France